You know how this works. Contact information will be posted on this page to share with all alum. Remember, anyone can see this page, so only provide what you are willing to display. We intend to eventually make this secure enough to be limited to those members who have a sign-in authority only. To be added to the band list, please forward your info to the webmaster:


NAME                            EMAIL ADDRESS                        LOCATION

  Gary R. Adler                         Colorado

  Darryl Bott                          New Jersey

  Robb (Bob) Brawn      Pennsylvania 

  Penny (Parkin) Dimmick       Indiana

  Ellen (Zuber) Donnellan                 New Jersey

  Mark Eckert                              Indiana

  Erica Franco                   Florida

  Marie Intili                 New Jersey

  Bob Mandzi                       Alaska

  Dan Mooney               Florida

  Eileen (Kaplan) Morrow              Kentucky

  Rocco Parisi                              New Jersey       

  Don Patterson                      Indiana

  Tab Patterson              Kentucky

  Scott Simpson                New York

  Barbara Hall-Siktberg    Massachusetts

  John Sturman                               Colorado

  Glenn Sullivan                    New Jersey

  Steve Sullivan               New Jersey

  Cyndy (Eckert) Tschanz Egypt

  Gerald V. Tedesco          New Jersey

  Dave Willer                              New Jersey