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Please check out our "Alumni Reunion 2010" page for photos and details from the awesome weekend's parties and concert event.

BANDIE SALUTE This section salutes those members of our band family who are proudly serving our country.

Bill Lamping  '93   U.S. Navy

IN MEMORY This section memorializes those members of our band family who have passed away, but will not be forgotten.

Ellen Ezersky

Kurt Puckhaber

Andy Robinson

Chuck Sastre

Matt Mellon

Matt Westphal

Allison Crimmins

Todd Kratz

Diane Mandzi

Bob Schnur

Steven Wright Keneely

Stephen Pilat

Donald Richard Frankland


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(info derived from phone conversations with T)

02/08 Just returned from a ski vacation in Vermont and back to the gig grind and teaching private students.

05/07/08 Driving to yet another gig.

12/15/09 Driving to the theater for a gig.

01/09/10 Starting yet another rehearsal.

11/09/11 Practicing on his horn while talking on the phone for a concert later today.

11/24/11 Gettin' ready to chow down some Thanksgiving grub! (Secretly missing getting up early to drive to Wayne, assemble everyone, have the band play rah-rah songs for 4 quarters, put on an awesome show, watch a lousy football game and head home to Andover for a delicious meal)! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!




PASTA FAZOOL... Announcements, Family News, Achievements, etc...


The membership of the Wayne Valley HS Band Alumni Association would like to express our sincere and heartfelt condolences to: 

Alumni Pat Zuber Walmach, Jeffrey Zuber, Ellen Zuber Donnellan, Bill Zuber, upon the passing of their mother, and mother-in-law to Joe Walmach, Jacqueline Zuber on November 23, 2011, and also to their families; 


Alumni Don and Tab Patterson and their families upon the passing of their mother, Anne Patterson, November 8, 2011. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with these band families in this time of sorrow.

Please go to our Memorials page for more information.




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